G-Dragon at Simply Kpop Tour 2014 in Shanghai

g-dragon shanghai kpop fashion g-dragon shanghai kpop fashion

On March 22 a three hour concert was held in China that brought together 12 different Korean acts, including Big Bang‘s G-Dragon. The Simply Kpop Tour 2014  in Shanghai at the Mercedes Benz Arena also featured performances from Taeyang, Crayon Pop, f(x) and more. For G-Dragon’s portion of the show, he took to the stage in a dandy ensemble from Thom Browne. He wore a red laced-back blazer ($3835) for part of the performance, and a post on his Instagram shows off the jacket’s unique details. G-Dragon’s look also included a Thom Browne Banded Picqué Shirt ($430) and Long Wing Anchor Suede shoes ($875) in red that perfectly match his blazer.

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