After School Nana at “Diana” VIP Premiere

after school nana kpop fashion after school nana kpop fashion

We’ve previously discussed what After School members Jungah and Raina wore to the VIP Premiere of “Diana”, but Nana certainly takes the sponsorship crown with her movie-going ensemble. First, she wore a Unique No. 14 top from Banila B ($92) which was tucked up to show of the slim singer’s flat stomach. Nana paired this top with a Flower Punch Skirt from Sisley ($204) which features little black hearts on white flowers that make up the body of the skirt. To top it all off, she draped a Tomboy Double Breasted Wool Coat ($106) across her shoulders and carried a Pollen Amazon Tote ($550) in brown. The simple black and white palette tied all of the items together, and Nana’s top perfectly describes the ending look – UNIQUE!

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