2NE1 Dara “Happy” MV Fashion

2ne1 sandara park happy mv kpop fashion

When covering Minzy and CL‘s fashion for the “Happy” MV, we previously mentioned that 2NE1 shot this video clear back in 2012. Given the large gap in time between shooting and release, most of the items worn by the group are no longer available. For example, Dara could be seen wearing a Balenciaga Egyptofunk Neoprene Shirt from the label’s Fall 2012 Collection, which is long gone from stores.

2ne1 sandara park happy mv kpop fashion

Much like CL, she could also be seen wearing several items from AMBUSH, including a white “Screw It” Collar ($334) and a silver Eagle Pendant ($477). Dara also wore a colorful Neon Logo Necklace from the AMBUSH X BAPE collaboration collection. Her earrings are Versace Medusa Hoops ($425 in Gold).

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