SNSD make a “Mr.Mr” Comeback

snsd mrmr kpop fashion

Girls’ Generation has recently made their long-awaited comeback with the release of their latest single “Mr.Mr.” from the EP of the same name. Teasers for the release and parts of the MV for the single feature the girls in slick hospital setting, and the video is shot in a very stylized manor, with lots of blurring and lens flares.

seohyun snsd mrmr kpop fashion

In Seohyun‘s teaser, she can be seen on a checkered floor with a tray of decadent sweets. She can be seen wearing a black dress with tuxedo-like bib, and all the members can be seen wearing the same dress in the “Mr.Mr.” MV. The black piece is a Lucky Chouette Overall Flare Dress ($308). Check out some behind the scenes photos of Sooyoung and Yuri in this dress from their Instagrams!

sooyoung snsd mrmr kpop fashion

lucky chouette overall flare dress

yuri snsd mrmr kpop fashion

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(SM [1], Lucky Chouette [1]) 

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  • reina

    do you know where they got the pink version of this dress for their live performance??

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