2NE1 Minzy “Happy” MV Fashion

minzy 2ne1 happy mv kpop fashion

We previously mentioned that MV for “Happy” has an Old School 2NE1 vibe to it, and the reason for this is because the video was actually shot way back in 2012 — this track has been sitting on the shelves for nearly 2 years, just waiting for 2NE1’s album release! The filming date of the video explains the older fashion items that are present through out the video.

minzy 2ne1 happy mv kpop fashion

For instance, during some scenes Minzy can be seen wearing an Ashish Tiedye Sequin Biker Vest ($1326) from the Fall 2012 collection, and her Neon beanie with the acrylic “Joy” is from the Joyrich X Chris Habana Spring/Summer 2012 collaboration collection. Both of these items were previously worn by 2NE1 members during their promotions for “I Love You” back in 2012.

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