Dal Shabet for CeCi February 2014

In January, the girl group Dal Shabet joined the onslaught of girl groups promoting with sexy concepts when they released the their single “B.B.B.” from the mini-album of the same name. The five-member group appear in a photo shoot for the February 2014 issue of CeCi magazine where they can be seen in a variety of black and white fashions including lots of houndstooth and other patterns. See what each member wore for the shoot!

dal shabet ceci kpop fashion

Woohee – H&M Go Gold Sportswear Collection Top ($30), StyleNanda KKXX Skirt ($78), Low Classic White Platform Loafers ($238); SubinArche Collared Dress; Ah Young – Lucky Chouette Sleeveless Knit Flare Dress ($413), Voyage XII ‘Beijing’ Shoes ($265); Ga Eun – Dewl White Top, Jain Song Vertical Stripe Skirt; Jiyul – LOUDMUT White Blouse, H&M Polka Dot Short Scuba Skirt ($18), ShoesOne Open Toe Wedge Sneakers ($36); Serri – Coming Step Multi-Pattern Dress ($349)

dal shabet woohee ceci kpop fashion

Woohee – American Apparel Houndstooth Crop Top ($42) and Skirt

dal shabet subin ahyoung ceci kpop fashion

Subin – Club Monaco ‘Julie’ Colorblock Turtleneck ($80 $39), Egoist High-Waist Suspender Skirt, Vintage Hollywood Houndstooth Check Fur Clutch ($83); Ah Young – Jessi New York Double-Breasted Houndstooth Jacket ($347), Club Monaco ‘Ophelia’ Solid Silk Shirt ($140), LAP Houndstooth Skirt ($54) Moschino Cheap & Chic Platform Creepers

dal shabet jiyul serri ceci kpop fashion

Jiyul – Egoist Blouse, Sort White Mini Dress ($90), Lucky Chouette Lace Cuffs, Voyage XII ‘Paris’ Shoes ($246); Serri – Zara TRF Faux Leather Trim Blouse ($50), Sort Navy Mini Dress ($90), Lucky Chouette Lace Necklace, Voyage XII ‘New York’ Shoes ($246), Nolee Mustache Eye Mask ($17)

dal shabet gaeun ceci kpop fashion

Ga Eun – Dewl White Quilted Crop Top, Kai Aakmann Leather Jacket ($737), LAP Houndstooth Ruffled Skirt ($64)

Dal Shabet’s Items from CeCi Photo Shoot

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