CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour in LA: A Kfashionista Concert Review

cnblue blue moon tour la kpop

Two Kfashionista Staff members were fortunate to be able attend CNBLUE’s Blue Moon World Tour concert when the pop-rock quartet stopped in Pasadena, CA on January 24, 2014. Here is a review of the concert, plus a few bonus fashion finds from the show!

cnblue blue moon tour la kpop

Ever since I saw CNBLUE perform in concert with FNC labelmates F.T. Island, I hoped there would be an opportunity to see the group in a solo concert one day. On January 24, that wish became reality when the boys brought their Blue Moon World Tour to the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, for an energetic, hit-filled show. The venue holds a little over 3000 which is over half the size of their previous concert, LA’s Nokia Theater, but the setting had a much more intimate feel which I always prefer to giant arenas.

min hyuk cnblue blue moon tour la kpop

The show started and ended under a rain of confetti, and was filled with a range of CNBLUE’s songs, including upbeat pop tracks, some of their Japanese songs and even an OST song from Yong Hwa‘s K-drama Heartstrings. There was also tons of crowd interaction, which can be pretty hit and miss when it comes to K-pop concerts, but in my experience CNBLUE excels at this. The members communicate with the audience almost exclusively in English, and even sang an English version of “Try Again, Smile Again” to close out the show.

yong hwa cnblue blue moon tour la kpop yonghwa cnblue blue moon tour la kpop

The members of CNBLUE are excellent live performers, and Yong Hwa in particular has great stage presence. He was made to be a frontman, pumping up the crowd with his energy and interacting with fans with points, air kisses and amusing banter. Jung Shin and Min Hyuk also interacted with the crowd often, while Jong Hyun seemed either terribly shy or terrified of speaking in English. His smooth vocals and rocking guitar solos make up for any of his awkwardness though!

jonghyun cnblue blue moon tour la kpop

Highlights of the evening included the acoustic rendition of 2Pac’s “California Love”, Yong Hwa’s “Dark Sexy Metal” intro before they played “Just Please”, the awesome crowd who NEVER sat down and the little old lady who was rocking out and playing air drums with her TWO light sticks. The sheer number of older people I saw in the crowd thoroughly enjoying themselves is a testament to the quality of CNBLUE’s music and showmanship.

Check out this fancam of “Coffee Shop” from YouTube user YanisRei, one of my favorite songs of the night!

CNBLUE’s fashion for this concert is just what you’d expect from a young rock band. Casual, but stylish ensembles with lots of t-shirts and sneaker action. Jung Shin wore a Highsuit sweatshirt from 13Month ($73) and Yong Hwa wore two items from Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply, he started the show in an Army Camo Green Hooded Officer’s Jacket, which he later removed to reveal a D&S T-Bird Tee ($20).

jungshin cnblue blue moon tour la kpop

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