T-ara Qri at The Huntresses VIP Premiere

tara qri kpop fashion tara qri kpop fashion

When Hyomin attended the VIP Premiere of The Huntresses on January 23 she was joined by fellow T-ara members Eunjung and Qri! For the event, the pink-haired Qri could be seen wearing a Coming Step X Bubble Bobble JQD Blouse ($176). This special collection incorporates imagery from the classic video game Bubble Bobble and fellow member Boram has previously worn an item from this line as well. Qri’s white blouse features silver star-shaped collar pins joined together with a chain.

20140128_kfashionista_comingstep_bubblebobble 20140128_kfashionista_comingstep_bubblebobble2

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