f(x) Golden Disk Awards Performance Style

fx golden disk awards kpop fashion

Luna and Amber‘s red carpet fashion for the 28th Golden Disk Awards has already been discussed, but what about the group’s unique stage style? Prior to accepting their Bonsang Award, the members of f(x) who were present at the event performed ‘Rum Pum Pum Pum’ and they could be seen wearing stark white ensembles that highlighted the leather suspenders each member wore; these pieces were all from the brand Demande de Mutation.

fx luna golden disk awards kpop fashion

Victoria could be seen in the complex Multi-Rectangle Suspender ($358), Luna wore the X Shape Suspender ($202) and Krystal wore the A Shape Suspender ($300) previously seen on Kahi. Amber wore a piece similar to the Basic Double Strap Suspender ($146), however it isn’t the same; her piece is more than likely one of Demande de Mutation’s custom offerings.

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