Girl’s Day Sojin ‘Something’ Shoes

girls day sojin something kpop fashion

Girl’s Day saw a rise in popularity in 2013, and they’ve started strong in 2014 as well, making a comeback at the beginning of the year with their new single ‘Something’. The song is the title track from their latest mini-album Everyday 3. The girl group is no stranger to sexy concepts, after the success of their ‘Expectation’ suspender dance, and they are once again going for sexy with their latest release. For the teaser images and album jacket photos, Girl’s Day could be seen sporting provocative bodysuits and killer heels. The leader, Sojin, could be seen wearing a pair of ‘Faithful’ booties from Alexander McQueen as part of her ensemble.

girls day sojin something kpop fashion alexander mcqueen faithful

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