Boram at T-ara’s Fan Sign Tour

tara boram fan sign kpop fashion

To wrap up promotions for their latest single ‘Do You Know Me’, the girl group T-ara is undertaking a 7-stop Fan Sign tour over the next few days. On January 7, T-ara could be found signing autographs in Suncheon, where Boram could be seen wearing a Hurry Up! Organza Layered shirt from Coming Step ($205). This item is from the Coming Step X Bubble Bobble collection, a line that incorporates imagery from the classic video game Bubble Bobble. The phrase ‘Hurry Up!’ was a warning to players when their time was running out, and the character featured on Boram’s shirt is one of the enemies from the game.

coming step bubble bobble hurry up tara boram fan sign kpop fashion

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