Lee Kwang Soo’s Malaysia Fan Meet Fashion

lee kwang soo malaysia fan meet running man lee kwang soo malaysia fan meet running man

On January 4, Running Man member Lee Kwang Soo held his first solo fan meeting in Malaysia. The ‘Prince of Asia’ was met by many fans at the KWC Fashion Mall in Kuala Lumpur where he interacted with fans, showed off his signature dance moves, and even sang for fans while playing an electric piano. Kwang Soo often acted silly, but he was also cutely shy about it all. Some lucky fans even got to attend a High Five and Autograph session with the loveable ‘Giraffe’.

lee kwang soo malaysia fan meet running man

Fans of the model-turned-actor know that Lee Kwang Soo is quite a fashionista, and the variety star showed as much at his fan meeting. During the event, he could be seen wearing designs from the Korean label The Studio K. His two-tone blue jacket is from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 collection, while his bold patterned pants are from The Studio K’s current Fall/Winter 2013 line.

the studio k ss14 korean fashion the studio k aw13 korean fashion

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