Airport Fashion: SHINee Jonghyun to Japan

shinee jonghyun 131224 gimpo airport fashion kpop shinee jonghyun 131224 gimpo airport fashion kpop

On December 24, SHINee was schedule to hold a concert in Tokyo as part of their ‘Boy Meets U’ Arena Tour, so the members headed to Gimpo Airport to catch their flight to Japan. Jonghyun bundled up in a beige shearling coat from Balmain ($9270) and a chunky gray Fisherman Knit Turtleneck from Adam’s Fig Leaf ($80) which he paired up with several black and gold accessories. His cap is a Vogue 18K Gold Snapback from Karl Alley ($149) and he also wore Chanel 5208Q Chain Sunglasses ($488) and a Versace Medusa Buckle Belt ($416). Jonghyun’s casual style was completed with a pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers ($245).

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