IU Modern Times Concert Fashion

iu modern times concert kpop fashion

The Nation’s Little Sister IU recently held several solo concerts for her ‘Modern Times’ album in both Seoul and Busan. The Seoul shows were held on November 23 and 24 at Kyunghee University. During the concerts she performed her hit singles ‘The Red Shoes’, ‘You and I’ and ‘Good Day’. Along with the concert performances, IU had a special Photo Time session and an acoustic Encore performance. During the Encore of the November 23, IU wore a Joyrich Betty Boop Icon Tee ($86).

iu modern times concert kpop fashion joyrich betty boop tee

The Busan concerts were held over the two day period of November 3 and December 1. During Photo Time on the first day, IU sported the fun Lazy Oaf Bugs Bunny Oversized Sweatshirt ($136); Bugs’ ears are cleverly represented by the long sleeves. She paired with an NBA Style Philadelphia 76ers Snapback Hat ($65). For Photo Time on the second day IU wore a Joyrich Rock N Roses White Tee ($57) while posing cutely with a real rose.

iu modern times concert kpop fashion

iu modern times concert kpop fashion joyrich rock n roses white

Finally, during the last encore stage in Busan on December 1, IU once again wore an item from Joyrich, this time a  Mascot Logo Tee ($72) which has a loose-fitting jersey style cut with stars on the sleeves and the Joyrich bear on the front. The fashion choices IU wore during these concerts showed off her laid-back, youthful style.

iu modern times concert kpop fashion joyrich mascot shirt

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