Request: Taeyang’s ‘Ringa Linga’ Teaser Fashion

taeyang 2013 ringa linga kpop fashion big bang

Requested by: Andrew

Between music videos and stage performances, there have been plenty of fashion finds for Taeyang‘s ‘Ringa Linga’ promotions. However, his teaser images that came out prior to the single’s release can’t be ignored! For several different photos that were released Taeyang could be seen wearing a black shirt that featured intricate gold embroidery all over. The scrolling leaves were definitely reminiscent of the sun’s golden rays, which is fitting for the Big Bang singer, whose name translates to ‘sun’ in Korean. This unique item is the Gold Embroidery Turtle Classic Shirt ($1237) from Christian Dada‘s Fall 2013 Menswear Collection.

taeyang 2013 ringa linga kpop fashion big bang taeyang ringa linga christian dada fall 2013

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