Trouble Maker on MAMA Red Carpet

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The highly anticipated 2013 MAMAs were held in Hong Kong on November 22 and Trouble Maker showed up for a special performance of their current hit single ‘Now’. The du0 dressed in couples fashion for their red carpet appearance at the event; each of them wore a Saint Laurent Black Leather & Cotton Layered Hoodie ($1490). They also wore coordinating berets, with Hyunseung in black and Hyuna in white. Hyuna rocked an amazing pair of Chanel Over-the-Knee Chain Boots ($N/A) from Fall 2013 Collection as well.

saint laurent leather and cotton layered hoodie chanel over the knee chain boots fall 2013 rtw


Reader Tip: Dumpling Noodles

Requested by: Jenny Chen, Hyuna JS

Hyuna and Hyunseung’s couples outfits would not be complete without the inclusion of their adorable matching berets. The hats are from BREMER BER from CA4LA. Hyunseung wore the black one ($56) and Hyuna wore white ($56), but they are available in a variety of other colors including blue, mint and pink!

troublemaker hyunseung mama beret troublemaker hyuna mama beret

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(CJ E&M via MWave [1]) 

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  • Jenny Chen

    do you know the brand of their berets ? :)

  • KL

    really liked their matching outfits for the most part but not sure what to make of Hyunseung’s pants lol…

    • Kfashionista

      HAHA, totally agree with you on that one, they were a little O____o

  • Dumpling Noodles

    Hey~ I just found out that their berets are BREMER BER from CA4LA wish it’d help~ And thanks for the recent posts about Trouble Maker. I really love their fashion styles for the new album! O(∩_∩)O

    • Kfashionista

      Thanks so much for the tip!! I’ll update the post ^^ I’ve been loving the Trouble Maker fashion too!

      • Dumpling Noodles

        You’re welcome~ My pleasure! (*^__^*)

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