Taeyang ‘Ringa Linga’ Dance Version Style

Before releasing the official ‘Ringa Linga’ MV, YG Entertainment put out a dance version of Taeyang‘s solo track. The video, which was shot in the United States, showed of the powerful dance moves that accompany the Big Bang member’s catchy new song. Taeyang and the dancers were all outfitted in black and white streetwear that fit well with the hip-hop style dancing showcased in the long take video. Taeyang could be seen in a black Pigalle Logo Tank ($125 for Black/Black version), which was worn with a pair of Rick Owens ‘Memphis’ Jeans ($840) from the Fall 2013 collection. The unique black jeans feature contrasting flap pockets in white.

taeyang 2013 ringa linga kpop fashion

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(Taeyang Instagram [1]) 

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