Trouble Maker ‘Now’ Wins on M Countdown

On the November 7 episode of Mnet’s M! Countdown, Trouble Maker performed their comeback track ‘Now’ and nabbed their second win for the song, beating out Park Ji Yoon‘s ‘Mr Lee’. The duo wore coordinated ensembles in black with fluffy white fur coats; Hyuna‘s in particular is a Zip-Up Mini Fur Jacket from StyleNanda ($74). She wore the jacket over a unique black crop top with cage detailing. The item is a Raider Bustier Top from Sabo Skirt ($48) is barely more than a bikini top, so it looks as if Hyuna is also wearing a regular black bra top for added support when dancing, which accounts for the thicker shoulder straps that are occasionally visible.troublemaker comeback 2013 mcountdown kpop fashion hyuna

20131107_kfashionista_troublemaker_mcountdown_hyuna_furjacket 20131107_kfashionista_troublemaker_mcountdown_hyuna_croptop
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  • Anonymous

    What checked shirt is Hyuna wearing in the Troublemaker Now choreography video?(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

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