Uee at ‘The Commitment’ VIP Premiere

uee 2013 kpop fashion after school

The members of Big Bang were not the only celebrities to show up for the VIP premiere of TOP‘s movie The Commitment, in fact, many different stars attended this event. While many were from the YG Family, one exception was Kpop star Uee, from the Pledis girl group After School. Like TOP, she is an idol-turned-actor, having appeared in several Kdramas. Since she is set to return to the small screen starting November 2 in the weekend drama The Golden Rainbow, she is out promoting by attending events like this premiere. At this event, Uee could be see in a Sono Mama sweater from 3.1 Philip Lim ($750) which features multi-colored beading and a side-zip. She accessorized with an Animal Print Alain bucket bag from Jerome Dreyfuss ($1900).

uee 2013 kpop fashion after school uee 2013 kpop fashion after school

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