Airport Fashion: JYJ Junsu Returns From Japan

jyj junsu 19th korean musical awards kpop airport fashion
Earlier this week JYJ member Junsu headed to Japan to prepare for the second leg of his successful solo tour, which supports his second album ‘Incredible‘. Today, he returned to Korea to attend the 19th Korea Musical Awards on October 7th. Junsu is nominated for the Most Popular Actor award for his role as Death in the musical ‘Elisabeth‘. If he wins, it will be his fourth in a row, since he has won the same award for the past three years for his roles in ‘Elisabeth‘ (2012), ‘Tears of Heaven‘ (2011) and ‘Mozart!‘ (2010).

For his flight, Junsu could be seen wearing a black Saint Laurent Classic Chain sweatshirt ($690) which features two holes in the neck with a silver chain strung between them, as well as a front pouch pocket. The busy singer’s trip home will be brief as he is due back in Japan for his Nagoya concerts, which are schedule to begin October 8th.

jyj junsu 19th korean musical awards kpop airport fashion saint laurent classic chain sweatshirt
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