Amber’s Show Champion Joyride

amber fx show champion 2013 kpop fashion

Since February of this year, f(x)‘s rapper Amber has performed hosting duties on MBC’s weekly music competition program “Show Champion.” This week she got the chance to celebrate with her pal Nicole, when KARA received the show’s top spot for their latest track “Damaged Lady,” which was released earlier this month. The besties celebrated the win by headbanging on stage along with Goo Hara!

amber fx show champion 2013 kpop fashion

For this week’s broadcast, Amber stuck with her Kpop fashion staples: Joyrich and tomboy styling. She wore the Car Camp shirt ($152) from Joyrich’s latest collection. The pink button-down is covered in a classic car print, which Amber wore casually, with the sleeves rolled and paired with jeans.

amber fx show champion 2013 kpop fashion joyrich car camp shirt button down 2013 kpop fashion
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