BoA’s “Tail of Hope” PV Accessories

K-pop’s Queen BoA is returning to the J-pop scene this month with of her thirty-third Japanese single “Tail of Hope.” Ahead of the song’s official June 26th release, Avex has already put the short version of the PV on their official Youtube. The mid-tempo track has a bright and sunny video with an idyllic summer feel, where we see BoA relaxing at a beach house, cruising in a convertible, strolling in the sand and dancing on a sailboat. During the cheerful scenes, BoA can be seen wearing a variety of fashionable jewelry pieces from some popular designers.

boa tail of hope kpop fashion 2013 boa tail of hope kpop fashion 2013
When we first see the K-pop star, she is lounging around in a crisp white tee that makes her huge gold necklace really pop. The familiar item is an Eagle Pendant ($519) from the popular Japanese brand AMBUSH Designs. The same piece was previously seen on G-Dragon, while Taeyang has also worn the design in silver. BoA paired this necklace with a white leather cuff bracelet with gold accents from Balmain ($762).

boa tail of hope kpop fashion 2013 boa tail of hope kpop fashion 2013 boa tail of hope kpop fashion 2013
Later when she’s driving around with the top down on a cherry red Mustang she sports a pair of oversized sunglasses from Tom Ford ($331). She can also be seen wearing another piece from AMBUSH — a horn cuff bracelet ($265) with blue cowhide and gold horn accents. BoA wears one more AMBUSH cuff when she’s hanging out on a sailboat, this time the red VVV bracelet ($255) which is leather with gold spike and ring accents.

boa tail of hope kpop fashion 2013

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