Hyori in Korean Designs for “Bad Girls” MV

The Queen of K-pop, Hyori, has finally returned to the scene with her latest hit track “Bad Girls” which has an entertaining MV to go along with it. In true Hyori fashion, the singer goes through a variety of costume changes throughout the comical video, and for “Bad Girls” she can be seen in several different items from top Korean brands.

lee hyori bad girls mv 2013 kpop fashion

At Year 4 in Little Hyori’s life, she is introduced to her new step-mom played by, yup, Hyori! The singer is all dolled up in a look that has a very vintage, glamorous feel. She wears a faux fur jacket with zig-zag stripes in bright yellow, white and black which is a piece from the upcoming Fall 2013 collection of PushButton.

20130604_kfashionista_hyori_badgirls4 20130604_kfashionista_hyori_badgirls3
Later, once Hyori is all grown-up, she has to teach a lesson to a pervy professor who gets fresh with her while she’s taking an exam. She does so by slipping a piece of dynamite into his jacket pocket and watching it go boom! For this scene, the “bad girl” can be seen in a transparent biker jacket ($530$371) from the brand KYE. Hyori also wears a pair of lacing skinny trousers ($210 $147) from the same designer during the dance version of the MV. Both pieces are from the KYE Spring/Summer 2013 line.

lee hyori bad girls mv 2013 kpop fashion

20130604_kfashionista_hyori_badgirls6 20130604_kfashionista_hyori_badgirls7
lee hyori bad girls mv 2013 kpop fashion
Hyori wears one more Korean brand while kicking butt in a park. She gives a jerky guy some judo-like moves while wearing a sunny yellow neoprene ensemble from Lucky Chouette. The rather interesting look was made up of a peplum blouse ($238) and flare skirt ($265).

lee hyori bad girls mv 2013 kpop fashion lee hyori bad girls mv 2013 kpop fashion
20130604_kfashionista_hyori_badgirls11 20130604_kfashionista_hyori_badgirls12
It is no secret that Hyori’s best friend is also a Korean designer, the Yoni half of Steve J & Yoni P, and while Hyori didn’t wear any of that label in her new MV, her BFF actually had a cameo role instead! During Year 14, the bleach-blonde teacher more concerned with designer bags that teaching was none other than Yoni P!

lee hyori bad girls mv 2013 kpop fashion

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