Suzy’s Gold Disk Award Red Carpet Style

suzy miss a golden disk awards 2013 kpop fashion

Miss A attended the Golden Disk Awards this month, and the group was one of this year’s winners of the Digital Bonsang. The popular girl group also performed at this event, singing their hit single from earlier this year, “Touch”, as well as a K-pop Legends special stage where they sang the classic S.E.S. track “I’m Your Girl.”

When Miss A walked the red carpet for this event, Suzy was seen in a leather tube dress ($530) from Epitaph. The dress is made of embossed black leather with white and green leather panel accents.

This dress has been seen on several other K-pop stars in the past — Kahi wore it for a SURE Magazine shoot, Jessica wore it for Hyundai’s PYL promotions, BoA wore it for an InStyle Magazine shoot and Krystal wore it when f(x) attended the BIFF. It is definitely the most-worn dress in K-pop this season!

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suzy miss a golden disk awards 2013 kpop fashion

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    That dress is so cool~~ Looks so great in Sica -coffcoffi’mbeingbiasedcoffcoff- ^u^

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