Key Takes Over Seoul Fashion Week

shinee key seoul fashion week kpop dominics way

Seoul Fashion Week is currently being held in South Korea’s capital city, and the various fashion shows being held are usually good for some celebrity sightings. One K-pop star who has been busy making the rounds is the fashion-conscious SHINee member, Key! The singer has taken in several shows from the front row, and has definitely garnered attention for the unique styles he has chosen for these events.

shinee key seoul fashion week kpop dominics way shinee key seoul fashion week kpop dominics way
The first show he appeared at this week was Dominic’s Way, which he attended with fellow SHINee member Jonghyun. Dominic’s Way has strong ties to the K-pop industry, having been involved with the looks of idols like Teen Top, B.A.P. and Park Jung Min in the past. Many of their past collections are full of dark, gothic style clothing with large amounts of leather, much like Junghyun’s style choice for the show. Key went for a lighter, brighter feel that included pink Ester shorts ($530 $265) from Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus Spring/Summer 2012 collection, “I’m With Cupid” Homer Simpson socks from H&M and green “No Guts, No Glory” Sk8-Hi sneakers from a 2007 Vans x Wtaps collaboration collection.

Next up, Key attended the show for pushButton, which is often a star-studded event since the brand is one of the more popular domestic fashion labels. He was in top form for this event, pulling together a variety of interesting pieces to make up his eye-catching look. Key’s familiar shirt is from the Fall 2011 “Les Morts Vivants de la Mode” collection of Andrea Crews; the zombie-styled Reba and Brooks & Dunn 1997 Tour Shirt has been worn by the singer several times in the past. Another Andrea Crews item is included in this ensemble, the Gold + Camo shirt from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection ($328) that was previously seen on G-Dragon in his “CRAYON” MV.

shinee key seoul fashion week kpop pushbutton

shinee key seoul fashion week kpop pushbutton shinee key seoul fashion week kpop pushbutton

What really turned heads was Key’s mishmash of accessories which includes a Giza Triceratops Brooch, a Givenchy Rottweiler PVC Clutch ($292) from the Fall 2012 collection, and spiked Bowie creeper boots ($293) from an Underground x Izzue collaboration. Most notable was his choice to double stack Peace Love & Understanding x New Era spiked tartan hats. A red cap ($445) is worn under a navy one ($381), both hats feature rows of spikes on both the bill and along the back, as well as detachable plaid do-rags. The red hat has the plaid piece intact, while the other one has it removed. Key previously wore the navy version of this cap during SHINee’s “Sherlock” promotions.

Finally, Key attended the Seoul Fashion Week event for Korean shoe brand Suecomma Bonnie with his fellow SHINee member Minho. His accessories, from head to toe, were once again what stood out with this ensemble. He sported a blue Henrik Vibskov b cap ($243) with red and white detailing that went well with his similarly-hued trousers. Key also carried an Angel Bart backpack ($246) from Joyrich and wore studded creepers from Demonia ($152 $197). Both these shoes and the pink shorts from the Dominic’s Way show have previously been seen on Hyunseung of Beast.

shinee key seoul fashion week kpop suecomma bonnie shinee key seoul fashion week kpop suecomma bonnie

shinee key seoul fashion week kpop suecomma bonnie

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  • PunkyPrincess92

    the first outfit was cute!!!
    the second was awesome!!!! i loved that outfit the best!! ‘specially the two caps, the jacket and the brooches!
    and the last was really nice!! and cute like the first one!! also a yay for the Bart backpack!!!
    ….and the Homer socks!!! hahaha!!!
    thanks for all the finds!!

  • BrownEyedMuggle

    Do you know what bracelet Key is wearing in his first outfit?

  • BrownEyedMuggle

    oops…I meant second outfit

  • Corey M.

    I’m pretty sure the black patchwork jeans he’s wearing are from Cheap Monday?×800.jpg

    Of course in a men’s size haha.

    • Kfashionista

      I think you are absolutely correct! Thanks for the tip!

  • Rice

    his green shoes were from his barcelona trip! hahahaha. just had to remember it now after rereading the book.

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