EXO’s Kai & Kris March to the Same Beat

exo-k kai kpop airport fashion

SM‘s rookie group EXO was one of the most talked about debuts this year, thanks to their large amount of teasers and unique sub-unit concept that divides the 12 members into Korean and Chinese groups, EXO-K and EXO-M. Not only do the members of these groups simultaneously promote the same music in separate countries, they apparently like to wear similar clothing when traveling!

exo-m kris kpop airport fashion

In September, EXO-K and EXO-M came together for a performance at the Beijing Music Billboard New Festival. When they returned to Korea, Kai of EXO-K was seen at Gimpo Airport in a red hoodie with white rope-like embellishments that mimic the style of vintage marching band uniforms. This zip-up jacket is from Korean brand Kravitz ($103). Earlier this month, EXO-M was returning to Korea after appearing at the China-Korea Music Festival in Shanghai. The sub-unit’s leader Kris made his way through Incheon Airport in the black version of the Kravitz hoodie.

exo-k kai kpop airport fashion exo-m kris kpop airport fashion
Their styling and color choices definitely gave a different feel to how the two wore these sweatshirts. Kai looked quite laid-back and youthful in the partially unzipped red one with his hair unstyled, while Kris looked gave off a sharp, cool vibe in the black jacket and slicked back hair.

 exo-m kris kpop airport fashion
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