Airport Fashion: Jonghyun’s Favorite Style

shinee jonghyun smtown kpop airport fashionSince the end of May, the artists of SM Entertainment have been traveling to various locations to perform the SMTown Live World Tour III concert. On the many flights that these idols take, SHINee singer Jonghyun made a serious Airport Fashion faux pas by wearing the same basic ensemble on two separate occasions. It’s okay, just because he’s famous it doesn’t mean he can’t have a favorite shirt!

The item in question is the Sleaze Sweat ($335) from the brand Tuesday Night Band Practice. The black sweatshirt features the name of the brand on the front in abstract typography; the cuffs and hem are accented with knit pieces. Both times Jonghyun wore this top, he belted it with a Church embroidered belt ($215) from KTZ‘s fall collection.

Jonghyun first wore this look on the way to Japan for shows in Tokyo. He wore it with glasses, grey shorts and a pair of blue and red creepers from Cassette Playa ($490). More recently, he wore sunglasses and black trousers with the top and belt on the way to Indonesia for the Jakarta stop.

shinee jonghyun smtown kpop airport fashion

shinee jonghyun smtown kpop airport fashion

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