G-Dragon gets his “CRAYON” in Thom Browne

gdragon crayon mv kpop fashion thom browneThe designer label Thom Browne has really carved a place for itself in the world of K-pop fashion, since some of the industry’s top stars began to wear the brand on a regular basis. Perhaps the most important celebrity endorsement however, came from G-Dragon, one of Korea’s most influential fashion idols. Not only has the singer been wearing the label to events, TV appearances and at the airport, but Thom Browne’s unique Fall 2012 collection also featured heavily in the music video for his latest single “CRAYON.”

The standout styles from Thom Browne’s runway show featured hulking models who wore football-like pads under their designer duds to give them an exaggerated and imposing appearance. The “CRAYON” MV featured 3 of these styles, padding and all. In one scene, G-Dragon and his friend Monster Woo crawl from graves in classic monster movie fashion and lumber around like a couple of Frankensteins. One of the items G-Dragon wears at this time is a plaid oxford dress shirt ($388); since the pair are shown in black and white, the vibrancy of the pink and green ensembles is somewhat lost.

gdragon crayon mv kpop fashion thom browne gdragon crayon mv kpop fashion thom browne gdragon crayon mv kpop fashion thom browne
Another one of these bulky outfits can be seen when Big Bang‘s leader acts as an aerobics instructor for a group of spandex-clad pupils. This look is made up of a color-block sweater held together in several places by safety pins and a pair of plaid pants. The runway look differed in that it included light pink pants, which were worn by Monster Woo in lieu of the plaid on plaid of his runway look. G-Dragon can also be seen in a matching cashmere beanie ($510) and buckled wingtip brogues ($1318); both items feature Thom Browne’s signature red, white and blue striped embellishments.

gdragon crayon mv kpop fashion thom browne

A few other items can be seen when G-Dragon is playing doctor to himself early in the video. He sports a pair of handcrafted flip-style sunglasses ($475) as well as dark brown brogues ($1000) from the brand. Next to his abundance of accessories from AMBUSH, Thom Browne is by far the most worn brand in this MV.

gdragon crayon mv kpop fashion thom browne

Stay tuned for even more “CRAYON” coverage from Kfashionista!

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