G-Dragon’s Studio Style

Prior to the release of “CRAYON,” G-Dragon released a video clip that included an audio preview of his new solo track, plus a short interview about the song. Big Bang‘s leader was shown in a simple studio where he chatted about the meaning of “CRAYON” as well as the pressure he faced while producing his new title track.

g-dragon crayon fashion kpop big bang gdG-Dragon was in his standard casual style which includes a Bart Simpson shirt ($64) from the Japanese store Supinzu. The limited edition style called “Black Bart” shows the recognizable cartoon character as the iconic NBA star Michael Jordan. Ironically, the singer also wears a pair of Nike sneakers from Jordan’s classic line; the particular style he wears are the Air Jordan 4 Retro ($160). He also wears a quilted leather belt from Balmain‘s Fall 2012 collection, featuring an ornate Baroque style gold buckle ($723).

Also in this video clip, GD can be seen in a unique pair of sunglasses; the white frames have a lightening shape as well as wrap-around lenses and a pink nose piece. They are the Brodie style from Neff ($50). As usual, he is also decked out in a variety of 22K gold jewelry from Chrome Hearts, from bracelets and rings to necklaces and earrings. The pieces he wears include a turquoise beaded bracelet ($5310) and a whole row of earrings in his left ear. Starting from the bottom is a CH Baby Phat Cross, a Dagger, Tiny Star and finally a Tiny E Cross ($1344).

g-dragon crayon fashion kpop big bang gd

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