Airport Fashion: TVXQ to Tokyo

tvxq catch me yunho changmin kpop airport fashion dbskLast month TVXQ flew to Japan with the rest of the artists from SM to perform back-to-back shows in the Tokyo Dome for the SMTown Live World Tour III. Yunho and Changmin are no strangers to this flight since the duo has promoted heavily in Japan for years. Of course another flight means more airport fashion for these two.

More often than not, Yunho does a good job of remaining calm and collected when traveling in airports full of photographers and fans and this is especially the case when so many of his juniors are present as well. This time he walked with his head held high above the crowds, looking cool in a studded Western denim jacket from Joyrich ($319); his attention-grabbing shoes are tan suede derbies with contrasting blue soles are Gucci ($575). Yunho also carries a bag from a new Korean accessory brand, tREEGG. The black leather backpack with net-like embellishments is the WEGG style ($473).

tvxq catch me yunho changmin kpop airport fashion dbskChangmin was also wearing Joyrich for this trip, a pair of Elegant Affair shorts ($80) to be exact; the old-fashioned floral print on a minty green background is new for the Fall 2012 season. He paired the shorts with a sweater from the Korean brand Customellow ($141). Although they are both from Fall lines, the muted colors of the sweater feel a little too heavy for the cheery shorts. Changmin carries his passport in a bright purple python case ($230) from another Korean brand, rosa.K.

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TVXQ won’t be headed to Japan as frequently now as the duo is finally making their Korean comeback in a matter of days!

tvxq catch me yunho changmin kpop airport fashion dbsk tvxq catch me yunho changmin kpop airport fashion dbsk

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