BoA in McQ at the Sky Music Festival

At the end of August, Music Bank held the Sky Music Festival at Incheon, featuring many of today’s top K-pop idols. One of the performers was the “Queen of K-pop” herself, BoA. The singer has been active lately, promoting her recent album Only One on music programs and at several summer events like this one.

For this show, she performed her title track “Only One” as well as her follow-up single “The Shadow.” Along with a silver-dotted blazer and black denim cut-offs, the pop star could be seen in a t-shirt from McQ ($165). The brand’s logo on this top is made up of different kinds of military-style medal graphics. McQ is the casual line for the iconic Alexander McQueen label.

Between McQ and Balmain, BoA certainly has a taste for luxury casual wear!

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(IU Studio [1]) 


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