G-Dragon Rocks AMBUSH in “CRAYON” MV

In the MV for “CRAYON,” G-Dragon wears a variety of colorful jewelry throughout that definitely leaves an impression. These pieces come from the Tokyo-based brand AMBUSH, which was created by MC Verbal (of m-flo fame) and his wife Yoon. The pair have been described as a “fashion power couple,” so it is not surprising that a fashionista like G-Dragon would be associated with them.

G-Dragon Crayon fashion kpop one of a kind claw spike jewelry

One piece in particular that is featured in the MV is a limited edition necklace is from a special AMBUSH x G-Dragon collaboration line called “SCREW IT,” which was created in celebration of both the release of the One of a Kind mini-album and G-Dragon’s birthday. The “BIG SCREW” pendant seen in the video is quite rare, since only eight were made. G-Dragon is seen opening one of the boxes on a table full of other AMBUSH accessories.

G-Dragon Crayon fashion kpop one of a kind claw spike jewelry

G-Dragon Crayon fashion kpop one of a kind claw spike jewelry G-Dragon Crayon fashion kpop one of a kind claw spike jewelry

G-Dragon Crayon fashion kpop one of a kind claw spike jewelry

Other pieces in the video are from the brand’s “Holy Mountain” series. These items feature distinctive claws in many different colors. Seen in the video are red Horn Collar Tips ($184), Claw Bracelets in blue and black ($332 ea), a gold Claw Bangle ($279), a multi-colored Horn Bracelet ($319), gold Claw Earrings 1 ($158) and finally, pretty much every color of Claw Rings ($319) — red, blue, purple, and gold. You may recognize the claw rings, since CL wore the same ones during 2NE1‘s NEW EVOLUTION Tour.

Stay tuned to Kfashionista for more of G-Dragon’s “CRAYON” MV fashion!

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  • Kpop Addicted

    I am so in love with those claw rings, but I wish there was a cheaper alternative to them. I know that in Korea/Korea towns there are seamstresses who can copy clothing, but are there jewelry makers who can copy this look? If any one knows, please let me know. Otherwise, there needs to be a version that normal kpoppers like us can enjoy!

  • Colin

    is there ANY way you could find out where the pants G-Dragon wears in his live performance of ‘Crayon’ are from? i love them!

  • Laura

    DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THESE EARRINGS FROM THE PREVIEW (on YouTube) ARE FROM ?!??? (http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=m-ch-vid&v=Iinegdh861M)

  • Laura
  • http://twitter.com/ChaiMaister Andrew Cha

    I love this site!!! Can you tell me where to get the thick white rimmed glasses in the first picture??? Thank you!!!

    • http://www.kfashionista.com/ Kfashionista

      Thank you so much! Those sunglasses are actually a 1980’s vintage pair of Porsche Carrera sunglasses. The only shop I found online that listed them has them sold out (
      http://www.solakzade-en.com/product/48 ). However, I did see an ebay listing for them for a pretty steep $999! ( http://bit.ly/QCp7Cp ).

  • carol

    may i re-blogged this in ma blog??

    • http://www.kfashionista.com/ Kfashionista

      Absolutely! Just give a link back to here as your source if you don’t mind! What is your blog, we’d love to check it out ^^

  • Cui

    Hi does anyone know where his shirt in his debut crayon performance is from?? i really like it!

    • http://www.kfashionista.com/ Kfashionista

      Do you have a link to the video?

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  • Ikopalooza

    How about G dragon’s pants?

  • dre

    is this american money?

    • http://www.kfashionista.com/ Kfashionista

      Yep, all prices are shown in USD on Kfashionista, converted from whatever the original currency was that was shown on the source. There were originally listed in Japanese Yen

      • dre

        so the claws are actually $332 each why?

        • http://www.kfashionista.com/ Kfashionista

          because they are from a designer brand? Same reason Balmain t-shirts cost $220 while they only cost $10 Old Navy :(

  • Jess

    Do you know where to get his batman earrings in the video? xx

    • Knock

      Hot Topic.

    • punkysasha

      i know where ebay just rite g dragon earings and youll fing it there

  • punkysasha

    how do i buy the claw ring im in canada toronto can i order it?

  • punkysasha

    every time i click the $319 sigh it says whas not found on this server why dosent it work i really wanna buy the ring you guys are the only one that have that claw ring pls tell me whats woung. remember im in canada toronto can i order ?

  • punkysasha

    im sorry too ask again is this a store or just a site if it is a store how do i buy and order g dragon claw ring and if this is not a store where can i buy the claw ring on ordering on computer ? pls help

  • punkysasha

    and i know where you can buy the batman earing on ebay just right g dragon earings and youll see it there

  • punkysasha

    do yu guys still have the blue and red claw ring in stock
    im asking because all the time i click the 319$ sigh to buy the the 2 rings it dosent go too the page and every page else works soo do you still have it in stock?

  • Dae Sin Jung

    annyeong! does anyone know where i can buy this stuff?

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