Beast Suits Up For Midnight Sun

In late July, Cube Entertainment‘s top boy group Beast released their latest EP Midnight Sun. For the album jacket there was a combination of shots that included the colorful and crazy casual setting as well as shots of the guys in several different swanky suits. These pieces appear to be similar to the Fall 2012 collection “Fake Eternity” from Kay Kwok, an up-and-coming designer from Hong Kong who is a fresh graduate from the London College of Fashion. There do appear to be some minor discrepancies between Kwok’s suits and the ones worn by Beast, most notably, the sheen of the material, but if their suits were made by stylists, it would be hard to deny that Kwok inspired the designs.

One set of shots saw all of the members sporting unique black and white suits printed suits in what Kwok refers to as a fern print. Even the dress shirts feature the same pattern to keep the look consistent.

In the water-drenched shots, Hyunseung and Yoseob can be seen in black suits that fade to red at the shoulders. These suits feature red backs, while the similar pieces from Kay Kwok continue fading to a white back.

Dongwoon and Jun-hyung wear suits that bring back the digital prints mixing red and white at the top of the suit, with black and white taking over at the bottom.

Finally, Kikwang wears a suit similar to another runway piece, however the jagged print of his suit is seen on the left while the original features the print on the right instead.

Do we have copycat designs? This would not be the first time something like this has happened in K-pop, considering KARA‘s recent headlines involving stage costumes too close to Gucci swimwear. Furthermore, South Korea is well-known for counterfeit designer goods. After seeing the suits together, what do you think readers?

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