KARA Teases Pandora with Park Gyuri

This week, girl group KARA started releasing teaser images and video clips for their upcoming return to the K-pop scene; the mini-album Pandora is scheduled for an August 22 release.  So far, a group photo as well as individual shots of Jiyoung, Goo Hara and leader Park Gyuri have been released along with clips of each of those members. In the photos, the young women are dressed in sophisticated pieces that are a definite departure from the previous image they presented with STEP.

park gyuri kara pandora teaser kpop fashion

Where STEP was colorful and funky, the Pandora images are elegant and mature with a mostly black and white color scheme. Gyuri looks particularly elegant in a backless halter dress that is white with black piping. She wears it with a plain black bandeau top and floppy wide-brimmed hat. The dress is from the 2012 Spring/Summer collection of Korean designer Kwak Hyun Joo. The look is finished with an elaborate silver bib necklace.

park gyuri kara pandora teaser kpop fashion park gyuri kara pandora teaser kpop fashion
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