Amber’s Tattoo Style

amber f(x) electric shock kpop fashion 2012 Yeosu ExpoThis summer, many idol groups in Korea took the stage at the Expo 2012 in Yeosu, this year’s World Fair. In July, f(x) performed while promoting their hit single “Electric Shock.” Due to Sulli‘s drama-filming schedule for “To the Beautiful You,” she did not attend, but the other four members carried on without her.

Like much of her “Electric Shock” fashion, Amber wore a streetwear-heavy ensemble. Her tee from Shiroi Neko ($16) is covered in tattoo-inspired graphics; the sleeves have been removed from the original version. She also wore a leather leg pouch from 99%is ($315) that straps around the thigh and has multiple pockets for carrying valuables.

Now that “Electric Shock” promotions have wrapped up, f(x) is focusing on their “Hot Summer” Japanese debut.

amber f(x) electric shock kpop fashion 2012 Yeosu Expo

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