Fashion Remix: PSY “Gangnam Style”

psy gangnam style oppa viral kpopEvery Fashion Remix from Kfashionista will highlight an original remix from the talented online DJ community that serves as the inspiration of that particular style guide. Today we feature the global sensation that is PSY’s “Gangnam Style”

K-pop veteran PSY has been grabbing headlines as the MV for his latest single “Gangnam Style” went viral. The popularity of the hilariously entertaining video has snowballed in the past week after tweets from celebrities like T-Pain and Robbie Williams and coverage from Billboard, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and LA Times brought in even more viewers. This attention has caused the video to rack up over 23 million views so far, and it currently sits at #3 for this week’s YouTube 100 chart.

Check out “Gangnam Style” (Coming in Static Remix) and see how you can copy PSY’s look!


Kfashionista's Fashion Remix


psy gangnam style oppa viral kpopWhether it is pink, blue or black, tuxedo jackets were definitely a prevalent style throughout the MV. PSY went for stylish and formal as he horse danced around the affluent Gangnam district of Seoul. You can get a similar look by wearing a boyfriend blazer, choose one with contrasting lapels or piping to keep the classy feel.

The pale pink jacket from Topshop ($70) features black edging on the cuff which is a nod to the tuxedo style, in a piece that can still be worn casually. Wear it with a collared tank ($22) and black skinny jeans ($16) to complete the suited ensemble. PSY sports a variety of funky footwear with his suits, from studded slip-ons to black and white wing-tips. Make a statement with a pair of cut-out oxfords in pink and black ($40).

Accessories were kept to a minimum in this MV, but an essential item would certainly be a dark pair of shades. Black plastic drop lense shades ($32) from Topshop are the finishing touch for this feminine spin on “Gangnam Style.”

psy gangnam style oppa viral kpop

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