SHINee’s Jonghyun performs live in L!VE Lacoste

shinee jonghyun 2012 yeosu expo

All summer long popular idol groups have been performing a series of K-pop concerts at this year’s World Fair, the 2012 Yeosu Expo. Earlier this month, SHINee showed up to perform a number of their hit tracks including “Lucifer” and “Sherlock.” At the show, Jonghyun could be seen in a colorful jungle-print tee. The shirt is from the Summer 2012 Lacoste L!VE collaboration with artist Micah Lidberg. The illustrator is know for vibrant drawings inspired by nature, and like Jonghyun’s shirt, the other pieces of this capsule collection feature a wild mix of monkeys, snakes and even some dinosaurs!

shinee jonghyun 2012 yeosu expo shinee jonghyun 2012 yeosu expo
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