Airport Fashion: TOP’s Out of Season Style

big bang top still alive tour 2012 airport fashion kpopRecently, Big Bang has been flying back and forth between Korea and Japan frequently while they complete concerts for their ALIVE World Tour. This week they were at Incheon Airport once again, heading to Fukuoka for this weekend’s shows. The group’s charismatic rapper, TOP, looked like he walked right off of a fashion runway as he made his way through the airline terminal.

He wore a fancy Givenchy totem dress shirt with simple black trousers and a cap. The busy shirt from the label’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection was able to shine without distractions. The ensemble did have a bit of added flash however, in the form of the silver studded Rollerball loafers from Christian Louboutin‘s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

The boys of Big Bang will now have a break in their tour, since the next scheduled performance is not until the September 28 show in Singapore. During this time, TOP will begin filming his new action movie “The Alumni,” which will be his first big screen role since 2010’s “Into the Fire.” Filming is expected to last from July to September.

big bang top still alive tour 2012 airport fashion kpop big bang top still alive tour 2012 airport fashion kpop
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  • Joey

    I LOVE that shirt.

  • Alexia Owusu-Sakyi

    I don’t know about you guys, but it looks like TOP gained some muscle…
    …hey Tabi…that sweater looks amazing on you but…I wouldn’t mind if you took it off…keke

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