2NE1 at 2012 MTV VMA Japan


2NE1 has proved that they are successfully making a place for themselves in the Japanese pop market by nabbing the Best New Artist Award at this year’s MTV VMA Japan Awards. The award was given for the PV of the Japanese version of “I Am The Best,” one of the groups hit singles in Korea.

park bom 2ne1 MTV VMA BEST NEW ARTIST NEW EVOLUTION JEREMY SCOTT KPOP FASHIONIn true form, the girls stunned on the red carpet in a number of items from the brand new Fall/Winter 2012 Jeremy Scott collection. They proved once again that it is good to have friends in high fashion places, donning these pieces before anyone else gets a chance to get their hands on them.

Minzy wears a knit smiley tank with a mini-skirt covered in Bart Simpson’s head. This skirt, also knit, did not appear on the runway, but similar items in the same print did. Park Bom‘s pieces are made to look like a computer desktop covered in browser windows that feature imagery that is present throughout the show, like Bart, a rainbow peace sign and a pointing cursor graphic. This collection was inspired by the fact that in today’s internet culture the past never really goes away, so the presence of pop culture icons and symbols from previous generations, as well as some retro silhouettes and computer references help illustrate this idea. Bom also wore a bright pink stuffed monster stole around her shoulders.

2ne1 cl unicorn dress MTV VMA BEST NEW ARTIST NEW EVOLUTION JEREMY SCOTT KPOP FASHIONThe most eye-catching piece from the entire collection was worn by Scott’s bestie, CL. These two are honestly a match made in fashion heaven. Her ceaseless confidence gives her the ability to bring his wildest designs to life. What would look ridiculous on someone else, somehow manages to work flawlessly on star. Who else besides CL could so radiant with a giant, rainbow-haired unicorn leaping across their chest? The rapper wore a sheer, flowing skirt on the red carpet, but ditched it in favor of Superstar tights ($34) from House of Holland for the quartet’s performance during the event.

Finally, Dara arrived in a long-sleeve maxi dress that is covered in a mosaic of rainbow-colored boxes. A short-sleeve transparent tee emblazoned with a peace sign is worn over it. She also made a wardrobe adjustment for their stage appearance, switching into a shortened version of the same dress to sing “I Am The Best” and “SCREAM.” Dara, Minzy and Bom all wore necklaces from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Giza.


These ensembles probably look familiar to most Blackjacks, since 2NE1 also wore them in the video messages announcing their first world tour New Evolution. Tickets went on sale today for the US stops in LA and Newark, New Jersey this coming August. There are still tickets available through Ticketmaster for this event. Tickets for the July concerts in Seoul go on sale Tuesday, June 26, exclusively through Gmarket.

What do you think of Jeremy Scott’s latest creations on the ladies of 2NE1? Do you think their designer pal will attend the concert held on his home turf in LA?

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