Onew wears Fubu in Taiwan

SHINee onew 2012 fubu cups tins & Paddles kpop fashion

Four members of the popular Idol group SHINee made a stop in Taiwan this week to record appearances on the MTV Taiwan shows “JK Music Charts” and “JK Music.” When entering the studio, and even during some of the filming the group’s leader Onew could be seen in a green tee which says “CUPS, TINS & PADDLES” on the front in white text that features a bandanna pattern. white text. The shirt is from the brand FUBU ($23) and the black version was seen on their spokesmodel TOP during his High Cut photo shoot for the brand.

TOP BIG BANG 2012 fubu cups tins & Paddles kpop fashion

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(Fantastic Jinki, High Cut [1]) 

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