Sohee’s “Like This” Stage Look

wonder girls sohee 2012 like this kpop fashionThe Wonder Girls recently made a comeback with one of this summer’s most addictive tracks “Like This,” the title track for their hot new mini-album Wonder Party. They have already started to rack up the music show wins, and the first of those came from MBC Show Champion earlier this week.

Although they were without their MV flash mob, the girls still got their legs wobbling in fun, party styles. Sohee has been rocking various printed tights for this comeback, and during this stage she could be seen wearing the turquoise Leon design from bebaroque ($85) which she wore under a pair of jeweled stone wash denim shorts from KTZ ($455). Her eye-catching kicks are Insta Fury pumps from Reebok ($224) in citron yellow and firecracker red.

wonder girls sohee 2012 like this kpop fashion wonder girls sohee 2012 like this kpop fashion
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  • Nguyen Ngoc

    sohee :)

  • Ana Hannah

    I want to see where she got her shirt from, too, though!

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