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f(x) sulli electric shock 2012 kpop fashionWe’ve covered Victoria, Amber and Krystal‘s fashion finds from “Electric Shock” and now it is Sulli‘s turn! One of the greatest things about f(x) as far as concepts go, is that they never really change it up too much between comebacks, which keeps a recognizable feel to the group. Never too dark, or too cutesy, they are also able to maintain their own individual charms. For everyone’s favorite “Fake Maknae” of f(x), that means lots of youthful, girly looks.

In the opening Sulli can be seen in her most “grown-up” style, sporting a corset over a flowing sheer skirt and black tee. The skull and roses print of the cincher is known as Rose Tattoo Skull from the brand Alexander Henry. Although the exact brand is unknown, similar items can be found in the creepy gothic print; the popular UK brand Living Dead Souls makes corsets and mini-skirts to dresses and handbags. Fishnet stockings and combat boots complete the look.

f(x) sulli electric shock 2012 kpop fashionNext, Sulli can be seen in a vibrant Cherry Blossom tee ($292) from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Helen Steele. What could have been a simple floral print is taken to the abstract by applying a kaleidoscopic effect.  Sulli’s multi-colored hair extensions coordinate with the bright top featuring the same pink, blue, purple and orange hues. Another fun print worn in this video is the Cactus Rocket halter jumpsuit ($467) from the Spring/Summer 2012 Jeremy Scott collection. The cute desert print is paired with perfectly matched with giant cactus earrings and a pharaoh head necklace.

The next ensemble is quintessential Sulli, a young and trendy look with a feminine touch. Like her fellow members Luna and Krystal, she dons a tie-dye tee, but covers it with a Joyrich jersey top ($79). With it, she wears a pleated boxer skirt ($318) from Andrea Crews current collection. Finally, one more dress for Sulli–the pastel ombre leopard print polo dress ($330) is an item from the Spring/Summer 2012 line from House of Holland.

f(x) sulli electric shock 2012 kpop fashion f(x) sulli electric shock 2012 kpop fashion f(x) sulli electric shock 2012 kpop fashion

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