Krystal “Electric Shock” MV Fashion

f(x) krystal electric shock mv 2012 kpop fashionFrom the opening chorus to the very end of the MV for “Electric Shock” Krystal can be seen in surprisingly age-appropriate streetwear that puts an emphasis on funky graphic tees and an assorted mix of quirky accessories, like dangling dinosaur earrings and eyeball rings. She definitely looks like the teenage maknae that she is, but she’ll probably never recover the title from her fellow f(x) member Sulli!

Krystal certainly follows the Gerlan Jeans theme of the music video, making her first appearance in the “Capcha” long-sleeved tee ($370) from the company’s 2012 Spring/Summer “Mall Witch” collection. The lipstick and shades wearing skull on the front of the shirt is “Miss Misfit,” which is Gerlan’s spin on the iconic logo of the American punk band the Misfits. She wears it with a pair of Jewel MSI shorts from KTZ ($391), where you can see the recognizable gemstones and cosmos print from the label’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Even more Gerlan shows up on Krystal, next in the form of the slime-print skinny “Possessed” jeans ($315 $221) that feature lace-up ankles. Her cut-off tie-dye shirt is emblazoned is true hippie fashion, emblazoned with Grateful Dead “Seasons of the Dead” artwork on both the front and back ($27). While Amber’s fashion showcased UK-based musical talents, Krystal’s takes cues from the States by featuring the legendary rock band.

f(x) krystal electric shock mv 2012 kpop fashionIn a close up shot of the singer, we get a good look at some of her creepy hair decor. She wears several pieces from Kreepsville 666, a brand that specializes in gruesome fashion. The hair slides that Krystal wears includes a Skeleton Bone Hand ($14), a glow-in-the-dark Mini Bone ($12) and Eyeball Hairbows in a variety of colors ($15). She also wears a sleeveless “Don’t Mind if I Do” tee from UNIF ($60).

Finally, in another scene, Krystal sports a killer pair of red fitted racer skinny jeans from !iTEM ($140). If they look familiar, it is because Amber wore a pair of the same style in this video, except that her’s were “Brilliant” blue instead of this “Adrenaline” red.

Stay tuned for more “Electric Shock” fashion finds!

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f(x) krystal electric shock mv 2012 kpop fashion f(x) krystal electric shock mv 2012 kpop fashion

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  • MidoriAkiko

    Thanks so much for this. I just watched the MV and wondered where those awesome red jeans came from. I was almost going to request them. Awesome! :)

    • Kfashionista

      YAY! I’m so in love with these jeans too! Still working on the top, couldn’t get a clear view of the front and I hope she’ll wear this on stage at one point so I can see it better! If I figure it out, I’ll let you know for sure!

    • Kfashionista

      Looks like her top is probably from Seditionaries…it is a vintage Vivienne Westwood/Malcolm McClaren graphic though.

      • MeanOnew

        Hy.., can U give me the design for this shirt ? I really need it for a dance competition.., please hepl me.. I need the pict on this shirt..

  • Mexi_road

    how about the shoes? where did she get it from??????

    • icecreamcookies

      I think that might be Dr Martin boots? im not sure but a lot of kpop stars wear them in mvs :/ It looks like that style though

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  • Hramard

    I want to know where the dinosaur earring comes from !

  • electric ϟ shock

    anyone know what brand her “sick” shirt is at around 0:49??

  • babyfashion

    The top that Krystal pairs up with her red jeans from !iTEM, says “Camp Ridge Ropist(?)” on it. She wore it today on Music Core, but I’m not entirely sure if the last word is ropist, LOL. Hope this’ll help with finding it!

  • BoomBoomBoom~

    her red jeans *O* <3

  • Krystal_4ever

    <3 OMG

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  • Lee Yee Hwee

    The belt pouch that krystal wears, can anyone tell me the name of it? o.0

  • Yuyoung


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  • Jessica Keks

    I love this style were she wears the possesed jeans abd the grateful dead shirt woaaaaw *o*

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