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f(x) electric shock 2012 victoria kpop fashionK-pop group f(x) is back on the scene with the release of their new single “Electric Shock” from the mini-album of the same name. Aside from the fact that the comeback was announced just day prior to the release, the most “shock”-ing part of this promotional period is Victoria‘s transformation to blonde!

During the MV, she sported the lighter locks with a variety of looks, from lace-paneled leggings and mini-skirts to leather jackets and colorful pumps. One ensemble paired a cropped NY Athletic Mesh top from Joyrich ($73) with the Slime Time skirt ($396) from Gerlan Jeans Spring/Summer 2012 “Mall Witch” collection. The skirt, made of bright green slime-patterned fabric features black criss-cross detailing down the front.

f(x) electric shock 2012 victoria kpop fashionVictoria also wore another piece from this same collection, the “Upside Down Photobooth” tank top ($290). This piece is interesting, because it is actually made to be worn two different ways. Not only can it be worn as a top, like Victoria does, but it can also be worn upside down to make it a skirt instead.

One of the standout scenes from the video saw the leader lying on the lighted floor in a dress as the camera circled above her. The item is the Butterfly Wing MSI Organza dress ($640) from the Spring/Summer 2012 KTZ collection. The fabric has the familiar Masai beading print with the addition of gemstones and butterflies against the cosmic background. The design features sheer sleeves, and Victoria adds a wide belt to give it shape.

Also, don’t forget to enter the Kfashionista Electric Shock Summer Giveaway, for a chance to win a copy of the new mini-album plus some of the fashion items you seen in the MV!

f(x) electric shock 2012 victoria kpop fashion

Stay tuned for more “Electric Shock” fashion finds!

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