Style MVP: Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott Jersey Designs

The latest Kfashionista poll features a showdown between CL and Hyomin wearing the same Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott tailed tank ($400), but these ladies definitely were not the only ones to be seen wearing this popular top! This particular jersey-style shirt from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection isn’t the only one getting lots of repeated wear either. The leopard patch football jersey ($200) from the same line is getting lots of K-pop love as well.

Jeremy Scott’s “homegirl” CL clearly deserves some kind of credit for kick off this trend, since she originally wore the red, studded basketball jersey for the first time all the way back in November for 2NE1‘s PV for the Japanese version of their hit “Go Away.” Let it be known that being best buds with fashion designers has its perks–namely getting your hands on hot new clothes before anyone else can. As anyone who knows K-pop fashion will tell you though, this line was bound to be a hit among idols, much like everything else Jeremy Scott produces. Other stars who have worn this piece include Hyomin of T-ara, Hyoyeon and Tiffany of SNSD, JJ Project‘s JR, CL’s group mate Dara and Key from SHINee.

The other equally popular item may feature a leopard patch, but there is certainly the chance that Scott, a Missouri native, drew some form of inspiration from the college football team from his home state, the Missouri Tigers. The white jersey follows the same color scheme with black text outlined in golden yellow. Stars who wore this piece include both CL & Park Bom of 2NE1, Hyoyeon, JB from JJ Project, Amber of f(x), Alice of rookie group Hello Venus and the latest addition to T-ara, fourteen-year-old Dani.

Is anyone missing from the list? Who do you think will show up in one of these jerseys next?

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