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g-dragon big bang 2012 still alive go show kpop fashionWhen Big Bang appeared on the variety program “Go Show” last month, G-Dragon discussed his “fashionista” label to which he simply stated:

I only wear clothes because I can’t walk around with nothing on, but they started calling me a fashionista.

 One of the “Go Show” co-hosts, comedian Jung Hyung Don had garnered attention recently for taunting G-Dragon in numerous television appearances, by saying “G-Dragon, are you watching?” to indicate that he felt his own fashion rivaled that of the K-pop superstar. G-Dragon declared that he would no longer be compared to the gag-man.

What G-Dragon wore for the appearance only served to illustrate his fashionista status. The obvious fashion enthusiast and trendsetter wore a Fractured Argyle sweater ($850 $510) from the luxury knitwear brand Pringle of Scotland, which he paired with a Spencer blazer ($1805) from Balmain. The truly unique item he wears, however, are his boots. From Japanese fashion brand Banal Chic Bizarre, the black Side-Gore boots ($576) have oddly-geometric contrast soles that sport a neon layer in the middle of the beige bottoms. All of these items are from the Spring/Summer 2012 collections of their respective labels.

g-dragon big bang 2012 still alive go show kpop fashion

Big Bang is currently on tour in Japan for their Alive Tour. The Still Alive Special Edition album and “Monster” MV will be released in Korea on June 3, 2012.

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