Jonghyun’s Tribal “Sherlock” Stage Style

shinee jonghyun sherlock 2012 kpop fashionWhen SHINee made their Korean comeback with “Sherlock” earlier this year, their stage style for music program performances was often times characterized by bright, bold patterns. A perfect illustration of this is one of the popular K-pop group’s early appearances on Mnet’s M Countdown. On this particular episode all of the members wore mainly black with primary colors used heavily in the designs.

Jonghyun wore a mix of tribal prints for his ensemble. The skull on his Deter printed tank top ($28) utilizes one of the hottest fashion trends by using Navajo print. He pairs it with the familiar Masai print pants ($502) of KTZ’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. He wore the same Samuel style Dr. Martens that were seen during previous performances.

SHINee wrapped up “Sherlock” promotions in Korea and headed back to Japan where the Japanese version of the song was released earlier this month. The group is currently in the middle of their first Japanese arena tour SHINee World 2012.

shinee jonghyun sherlock 2012 kpop fashion

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