Hwayoung’s “Lovey Dovey” Dream Concert Look

t-ara hwayoung lovey dovey 2012 dream concert kpop fashionAs mentioned previously, K-pop girl group T-ara performed at the star-packed 2012 Dream Concert, recently held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. The girls wore their usual casual party attire that accompanies the upbeat “Lovey Dovey” performance, and even though the dance hit “Roly Poly” that they also performed generally has a retro concept, these stage clothes were still appropriate for their disco moves.

Hwayoung in particular wore a bright yellow “Running Man” tank top from the 2009 Spring/Summer collection of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania. She paired it with a pair of funk graphic “Rose Diamond” leggings from Casette Playa ($332). Her wavy apple-style hairdo is the perfect compliment for the look.

T-ara is getting ready to take their shuffle dance on the road; the Japanese version of “Lovey Dovey” will be released on May 23.

t-ara hwayoung lovey dovey 2012 dream concert kpop fashion

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