Hyoyeon is a Dancing Star in Epitaph

snsd hyoyeon girls generation kpop fashionThe second season of the Korean version of popular TV show “Dancing with the Stars” has just began, and one of the contestants this time around is none other than Girls’ Generation’s dancing queen, Hyoyeon, a K-pop star who is often considered one of the best dancers in the business. While in attendance at the press conference, Hyoyeon showed off her weapons in a killer mini-dress from new Korean label Epitaph ($825).

The debut collection from this brand is inspired by Imperial Russia, and this dress is designed to show the rich opulence reminiscent of intricate tapestries. Prior to Epitaph’s official launch, the company built up hype by sponsoring many K-pop and K-drama stars so that their designs would be seen at events, on TV and in magazine spreads. This particular dress has been seen on many stars including BoA, Ga-In, Chae Jung Ahn, Jung Ryeo Won and Chinese actress Tang Wei. Hyoyeon’s golden locks are especially flattering with it compared to the previous wearers.

snsd hyoyeon girls generation kpop fashionsnsd hyoyeon girls generation kpop fashion
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