Key in the Joyrich Club

shinee key 2012 sherlock kpop fashion joyrichAs anyone who follows K-pop fashion probably knows, Joyrich is one of the most worn brands in the business at the moment. Whether it is in the airport, or on stage, the label’s designs are practically inescapable. SHINee’s Key, a known lover of fashion, wore the brand a number of times during the group’s recent “Sherlock” comeback, and here is another example.

For one of their late March appearances on Mnet’s M Countdown, he could be seen in a few items from Joyrich. Under his super-sequined vest, Key donned the NY Athletic crew neck sweater ($138) which the singer wore with a pair of black Cash Flow denim shorts ($234).


shinee key 2012 sherlock kpop fashion joyrich

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